Our Dedication to Teamwork Makes
the Dream Work.

SBRE’s in-place systems support your business growth, management, and training expressly through our network of affiliated businesses, cutting-edge hardware and software deployment, and hands-on training.

There’s no hocus-pocus to our methods, just know-how and hard work:

A group of people

The People

We hire and train our agents with or without existing books of business. Targeted personal marketing platforms are built for each team member. To maximize SBRE’s return on investment, we use the latest hardware and software applications to ensure each agent’s success.


The Inventory

We have the ability to purchase properties through direct acquisition.
A planned contribution of 5% of total gross commissions per transaction will fund the SBRE Community Acquisitions account.

A megaphone

The Advertising

Sales is a “now” business. The keys to our success are word-of-mouth, the Internet, and the personal book of business that each of our trained and licensed agents builds for themselves and their communities.


The Keys

Our residential brokers receive hardware and tech support through SBRE’s platform and affiliates to advance their sales skill sets in the coming decade. Success in the rapidly expanding real estate arena requires brokers to maintain up-to-date knowledge of the world of hardware, software, and retail innovation.

Plot of Land

The Unique Opportunities

We develop each project individually, which allows our brokers to offer direct pre-sale of smaller parcels — with the added benefit of the ability to pre-spec for freehold sale what a particular community or market needs. The use of highly focused marketing will allow fully half of sellable space to be reserved and/or pre-sold prior to groundbreaking.

Let’s Make Your Business Dreams a Reality.

What do you envision for your business, your family, and your community?

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