For Generations, the Commercial Real Estate Industry Has Owned America. We Aim to Change That.

Typical brokerages and brokers aren’t dedicated to helping you acquire the land and/or existing buildings. We are the American Dream.

Deed of ownership
The #1 reason small business owners fail is by not owning their real property. The historic inability to borrow against a “leasehold” business interest is a losing game that prevents hard-working people like you from living the dream of owning the land under your business.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) has had no real access to, or control of, capital. Since the 1970s, the SBA’s lack of contractual concerns or obligations has resulted in an epic fail to fulfill its founding goal: to strengthen the nation’s economy by establishing viable self-owned small businesses.

While the SBA does assist with finding loans for small business startups, there’s no one to help with your game plan if owning the wealth of a business from the ground up is your dream. Like the SBA, HUD and other well-meaning service organizations are all regulated; they’re based on zoning and control of commercial opportunities.

“Commerical Basics” – Here’s the Dirt on Commerical Dirt.

This is why the system has been unintentionally stacked against small businesses and small rural farmers:

Plot of Land

Typically, the developer acquires the land and offers the landowner a percentage of the leases or sales, then divides up the property and leases it to “approved” clients whom they find suitable. Calling all the shots, developers collectively develop the land and retain ownership.


The owner relies on the commercial broker to fill available space at retail rates, increasing them as often as possible to maximize commissions and profitability. As the years fly by, tenants incorrectly assume their broker is still working in their best interests.


However, in many cases the “broker” winds up forming a more vested relationship with the seller/developer, driven only by two concerns:
(1) strong leased rental returns and (2) lifelong holding of the property. As the lessor/renter/tenant, you will likely never own a lick of the ground underneath your business.


Perpetuating this cycle, landowners avoid capital gains through tax shelters, wealth trust funds, and profitable investments in “other vehicles” — namely, the ever-increasing rents collected from their commercial tenants.


Small business owners/tenants get stuck with repetitive 5–10 year leases that eat up liquid income and sideline their dream of owning and building a business with an option to later sell it at a profit.

Without ownership of real property, your dream remains just a dream. SBRE sees an opportunity to unlink the chain of possession and control of commercial property that limits small business prosperity.

Let’s Make Your Business Dreams a Reality.

What do you envision for your business, your family, and your community?

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