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We’ve been serving Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon since 2008. As a team of unique individuals specializing in sales and marketing, we share a commitment to bring our communities together by creating land ownership for homeowners and small businesses.

Our Team

Aaron Signor

Founder & Designated Broker

It takes someone who’s been in the churn of two high-octane sales industries for a lifetime to fully grasp the complexities of home buying and selling — much less, jump-start a forgotten business model in commercial real estate. Prior to acquiring a decade of experience in residential, multi-family, and commercial real estate, Aaron spent 20 years learning the top-to-bottom aspects of auto sales and service as a top-performing sales manager and trainer with Ford, Nissan, and Dodge. A born competitor who’s been in professional sales since 1992, this Pacific Northwest native and life-long resident readily grasps the challenges of home sales with a thoroughness and integrity that sets a high bar for everyone at SBRE. Aaron’s lifetime experience with cars, contracting, fishing, hunting, and farming forms a savvy market perspective of real estate that few of the region’s commercial realtors offer.

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